Welcome to Spicy Peppercorn Chinese and Vietnamese Restaurant

At Spicy Peppercorn Chinese and Vietnamese Restaurant we specialize in two unique cuisines to give you a variety unparalleled in the Prince Albert area. Whether it’s dine-in, takeout or delivery, Spicy Peppercorn provides the best of Chinese and Vietnamese cooking.

Spicy Peppercorn serves an engaging selection of Chinese foods to choose from, including favourites such as chow mein, soups and mixed veggie plates and authentic specialties such as hot pots and birds nest soup.

Vietnamese cooking is known not only for its healthful freshness, but for creating a harmony of flavours that is pleasing to even the most discerning of palates. Our Vietnamese cooking involves a tantalizing blend of herbs and spices, as well as the freshest cuts of meat and vegetables.

Our combination platters are aptly named for royalty, because each is a feast that would please even a king-size appetite.

Our Menu
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Spicy Peppercorn menu


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Hours of Operation

We open Tuesday to Saturday at 11am, and Sunday at 4pm.
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